Last Sunday of the Month Langar Sewa


Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK was formed by a a small group of Sewadars (Selfless Service Volunteers) from Preston Gurdwara Sahib's (Sikh Temple's):

  • Guru Nanak Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Bow Lane, Preston. PR1 8ND
  • Guru Nanak Cultural & Recreational Centre and Sikh Temple, Tunbridge Street, Preston PR1 5YP

The volunteers noticed that the number of homeless people in Preston were increasing on a daily basis.  Being mindful of this, they set their aim on serving Langar (free vegetarian meals and refreshments) to ALL,  regardless of religion, gender, age or status to implementing Equality by fighting hunger together.

By Serving Langar the Volunteers would be adhering to the teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder and first Guru Ji of Sikhism.

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji set upon feeding those in need in the 15th Century with the vision that no one should go hungry in the world.

Langar has since been served at all Gurdwara Sahibs (Sikh Temples) throughout the whole world and everyone is welcome to come and eat.

The free Kitchen was named Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Langar Sewa.

If attendees at the free kitchens have any concerns regarding their Special Dietary Needs or Allergies, they must speak to a member of our Team.

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK also provide Thermal Items to those in need, such as Sleeping Bags, Hats, Scarfs, Gloves and Thermal Socks.

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK held their first Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Langar Sewa on Sunday 26th February 2017. The free kitchen was held on the small outdoor market and they have since continued to serve hot vegetarian meals and refreshments  there on the last Sunday of each month, serving up to 100 meals.