Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK will continue to serve Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Langar Sewa for the upcoming events in Preston:

  • 19th May 2019 - Nagar Kirtan at The Flag Market, Cheapside, Preston.

Sikh Procession commencing at 12 noon from Guru Nanak Gurdwara on Tunbridge Street via Ribbleton Lane / Church Street and then onto Cheapside - Flag Market (to arrive around 1.30pm). The event will be accommodated with Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Langar Sewa, Sikhism Workshops, Hot & Cold Refreshments, Speeches by Dignitaries, Gatka - Sword Exhibitions and much more. For more information please contact on 01772 798395.

  • 08th June 2019 - Chabeel Day.

Preston Sikh Sewa will continue to serve Langar every Saturday and on Saturday 8th June 2019 we will mark Chabeel Day. 'Chabeel’ is a Punjabi word referring to a sweet, cool, non-alcoholic drink. Traditionally, in India Sikhs have offered chabeel to the general public on hot days, especially between May and June, when Sikhs remember the martyrdom of the 5th Guru Ji, Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

The 5th Sikh Guru Ji, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, became the first Sikh martyr in 1606 after he refused to change the Sikh scriptures as ordered by the tyrannical Mughal Emperor, in an effort to curtail the Guru’s growing influence in India. When Guru Arjan Dev Ji refused, He was tortured by being made to sit on a red hot plate, whilst hot sand was poured over Guru Ji.

Instead of remembering this event through mourning, the Guru taught the Sikhs to accept God’s will as sweet. Therefore, Sikhs changed negativity into positivity by turning an attack upon them into a chance to serve others. We honour the Guru’s burning by cooling everyone else. This is Chardi Kala