About Preston Sikh Sewa Society


The History of Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK was formed in January 2017 by a small group of Sewadars (Selfless Service Volunteers) 

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK's Mission Statement

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK have a mission to help those in need in Preston, Lancashire by serving Langar (free vegetarian meals and refreshments).  They also distribute Thermal Items such as Sleeping Bags, Hats, Gloves, Scarfs and Thermal Socks.

How Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK is funded

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK is mainly funded by the Sangat (Sikh Congregation of Preston).  The Sikh Community generously donate to this cause in order to practice Vand Chakna (To Share and eat) as adopted by the founder and 1st Guru Ji of Sikhism Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji . The community donate their Das Vand (10% of their disposable income) to charity, in order to help those in need.

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK also receive and welcome donations from the general the public and businesses. Please visit our Thank You page for the support  already received. 

Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK Activities

  • To Serve Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Langar Sewa - Every Saturday evenings from 7pm and the last Sunday of each month from 4pm on Preston's small outdoor market.
  • Practice Amrit Vela by reciting Nitnem Sahib (Panj Bania - Morning prayers) every other Saturday Mornings from 5am in Summer month and 6am in the Winter months at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sahib Bow Lane Preston and Guru Nanak Cultural Recreational Centre & Sikh Temple - dates are available on Amrit Vela Page.                                                     
  • Clothes Donations - Clothing collection to help the vulnerable and needy abroad.  Preston Sikh Sewa Society UK have teamed up with 5 Gurdwara Sahib's in Manchester and Warrington Gurdwara Sahib, for the North-West Clothes Drive to collaborate with British Sikh Council UK.